Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Selling my NSLU2...

Hi all,

I decided to sell my NSLU2 for a more powerful new gadget. Asking for $50.
It is underclocked and has 5 usb ports (3 more added by me)
Everything works great, and comes with adapter and ethernet cable.
If interested, leave a comment :)

(Only USA shipping)


  1. Did you find a new gadget? I'm considering the SheevaPlug.

  2. Actually nobody responded to buy NSLU2 and I am using it with a webcam as a surveillance camera and webserver right now. I have a media player with realtek chipset as a new gadget (Patriot Box Office). It does have hdmi so it is convenient to use it as an automatic torrent machine. It is optware compatible with some little hacking so other great opportunities with mediatomb, mt-daapd and other stuff too.