Tuesday, January 6, 2009

MySQL server setup with phpmyadmin

If you want to have Mysql server in your little slug you should follow the guide. I installed it to try with wordpress but it was painfully slow. So I decided to remove it at least for now. But if you want to give it a try or if you need it for a specific application follow me :)
Install the mysql

apt-get install mysql-server

Then install phpmyadmin by typing

apt-get install phpmyadmin

when it ask you to for your webserver select lighttpd. (If you use something else then choose that one). Then restart your slug

shutdown -r now

That is all. Now you have a MySQL server with phpmyadmin interface.In my case I wrote
to reach the phpmyadmin interface.
By the way it is not secure to use it like this. You should create a password. As I do not use it I do not know the details but you can google around for securing your MySQL+phphmyadmin combination. See you next time...

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