Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sftp drive for windows connection

I have a 500gb hdd and a 8gb flash disk connected to my slug. Sometimes I need to access the documents in my 500gb hdd from a windows machine. I tried samba for this purpose but I don't want to consume limited resources of slug. I was googling around and I found a very useful software for this purpose. Sftpdrive uses your ssh server to connect your hdd and you do not have to install anything more to your slug. You can also map it as an SFTP drive. Cool yeah :)

You can take a look at the program from It is really easy to use the program, I think you can figure it out yourself. Good news is you can use it free for 6 weeks. I have been using it for a while and I am really satisfied with it. I do not think that I will return back to samba server for this purpose. But do not worry, I will publish a new guide about samba server soon :)
See you later


  1. You can also just use FileZilla. It's free!

  2. Don' t forget to add "ciphers blowfish-cbc" to your sshd_conf file.
    Using a lighter encryption will save lot of cpu on your slog and may allow better throughput.

  3. Thanks :)
    I made a quick research and found some results on ciphering like:
    3des-cbc 22.6 MB/s
    aes128-cbc 63.8 MB/s
    aes192-cbc 67.6 MB/s
    aes256-cbc 67.4 MB/s
    aes128-ctr 74.9 MB/s
    aes192-ctr 73.6 MB/s
    aes256-ctr 73.3 MB/s
    arcfour128 109 MB/s
    arcfour256 108 MB/s
    arcfour 107 MB/s
    blowfish-cbc 75.0 MB/s
    cast128-cbc 62.0 MB/s
    hmac-md5 108 MB/s
    hmac-sha1 97.9 MB/s
    hmac-ripemd160 83.0 MB/s

    I confirmed that archfour is twice faster than blowfich-cbc.
    Instead of changing the config file you can add -c to the ssh command

    ssh -c arcfour

    Thank you jice466 for your info..