Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spindown mail alert!!!

In this very short journey of linux, I learned lots of things and I am going to install Gentoo linux to my laptop very soon. One of the most exciting thing happened to me in this journey was facing a problem and solving it on my own.

I installed the spindown code as I mentioned earlier in this blog and everything was perfect. But after some time I wanted to know the exact times of spindown and spinup. It would be great to get these exact times to my email without having a log file. ( I want to reduce log file traffic as much as I can in my NSLU2 because I use usb flash disk as a root drive.)

So, for the first time I wrote a shell script for this purpose and now I get an email when it spins up or spins down including some other datas like current free ram, uptime vs ....

It is doing great for me and I will post the script in here after some adjustments. Stay in contact :)

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